Level Up Your Game with Hybrid Golf Sets
Level Up Your Game with Hybrid Golf Sets

Posted on June 28, 2021

The hybrid golf sets, as the name implies, is a club that combines iron and a desirable quality of fairway wood into one. It was created to combine the greatest attributes of both clubs so that professional players can hit a long approach shot with extreme precision. With more and more professionals opting for hybrids over traditional golf sets, these sets have become increasingly popular.

Hybrid golf club sets are longer than traditional iron golf clubs, resulting in a lower centre of gravity, making them ideal for long shots. Golfers know what type of club works best for them based on their experience in the sport. Refer to the section below to how to choose a hybrid golf club sets:

Understand the Need

Golfers must comprehend the significance of their shots. Hybrid golf clubs are extremely adaptable, allowing you to use them for any stroke on the golf course. These golf sets serve a dual purpose; they travel a long distance while keeping an exact trajectory and high precision. They are convenient and easy to hit.

They are primarily used for long-range to mid-range games. They provide excellent precision for long approach shots. Hybrid proves to be more beneficial around the green and improves one game.


The loft of a stick refers to the angle the clubface makes with the ground. So, before you throw out your old golf club sets, you should know what club or club sets you're replacing in terms of the loft.

For example, a low lofted hybrid (14° to 17°) can be used to substitute a 3-wood or 5-wood. This club will be considerably easier to hit off the fairway than a traditional long iron. A moderate lofted hybrid (18° to 22°) will be suitable if you utilise a 5-wood or a 7-wood. When switching from iron to hybrid golf sets, make a mental note of the conversion chart.


Traditional iron sets are slightly longer than hybrids. It highly depends on the manufacturer to determine the length of the golf stick. It extends from 38" to 41" in length. These were designed to address the issues that golfers face when using iron sets with small heads.

The iron sets make it difficult to maintain control of the swing. A big hollow head on hybrid iron sets distributes more weight to the perimeter and sole, resulting in better trajectory and consistency.

Design and Material

These sets are similar to Fairway wood and an iron in function. A hybrid's face is more akin to an iron golf set. Despite the fact that the lower face profile provides a lower centre of gravity and a wider sole. Their primary goal is to deliver precise distance following an accurate trajectory.
Hybrid golf sets are the finest on the market to improve efficiency and for long approach shots.You have to comprehend and proceed accordingly to the golf game's needs. Select the best hybrid sets and remember the loft chart when transitioning from iron to hybrid. Visit MONARK GOLF INC. for the most inexpensive price, to buy customised hybrid golf sets, combo sets and accessories.