Make This Father’s Day Delightful
Make This Father’s Day Delightful by Gifting Him What He Loves Best

Posted on June 16, 2020

With Father’s Day just right around the corner, you probably are very excited to make this Father’s Day very special for your “world’s best dad”. If your dad loves golf and you want something to make the day memorable this Father’s Day, then this blog is just for you, because here we will be talking all about golf and what you can do for your dad on this auspicious day.

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Making This Father’s Day Delightful for your dad

The first thing you may want to start with is book a nice venue where you and your dad and maybe the whole family can enjoy the day playing golf on the course. Throughout the years, there will be many games your dad might have had fun playing, but the one he plays with his family will definitely be the best and most delightful game for him. This is also a great opportunity to bond with your dad and let him know how much you respect him and value your relationship. And of course, you can also learn some golf tricks and techniques from him and applaud him for his excellent golf skills.

Your dad will also definitely be excited to receive new golf clubs and use them on that day. While it is maybe quite hard and expensive to replace his entire set of golf clubs, you can still choose a piece or two of golf clubs as a father’s day gift.

Consider Callaway Diablo Edge Graphite Hybrid Shafts

Callaway Diablo Edge Graphite Hybrid Shafts

Your dad will definitely love this lightweight Callaway Graphite Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrid Shaft to add to his shaft collection. The shaft is designed to provide golfers with better control over the clubhead and ball flight. The lighter weight of the shaft allows for faster and consistent club swing.

Consider Mondeo Iron Heads

Mondeo 759 Hot Face Iron Heads

To help you celebrate this special occasion, Monark Golf is offering Mondeo Iron Heads at exciting prices. You can get quality, high performing Mondeo Iron Heads in just as low as $17.95/. Mondeo Iron Heads are known for its high-quality material built-in, for improving speed, distance, stability, and increased forgiveness.

Consider Golf Accessories

There are also cool golf accessories that will make a great father’s day gift for dads who love to play golf. You can get golf accessories such as golf gloves, golf travel bags, and unique design golf club head covers. You can also get them at affordable prices at Monark Golf, check out our collection at

Now, remember, we all had great ideas about the best things to do for our dad, however, most times we tend to keep things for later and end up having nothing but a terrible gift for our dad. So, let’s do something different this father’s day, let’s get things done in advanced so that you have something amazing to gift your dad and make his day memorable. Visit and get the best gift for your dad.