Methods to Improve Your Golf Grip
Methods to Improve Your Golf Grip for Better Golf Swing

Posted on October 24, 2019

To achieve the perfect golf swing you need to have the right grip of your golf grips. The connection between the club and your hands will determine whether you will achieve a good swing or a poor swing. The better the grip over the golf club grips the more capable the golfer and the more chances to rule over the game.

Find a Texture that you are comfortable with

Finding the right texture is significantly crucial before you begin the game. Not every golf club grips are made from the same material and not every grip will suit your comfort. While some of the best golf grips will provide you with a firm and comfortable grip some may turn out to get slippery during the course of the game. Such grips will fail you and avert you from achieving a good swing even if your grip strength is excellent.

Exercises to strengthen your grip

Grip strength plays a vital role in golf. Those who have a stronger grip strength tend to be more comfortable with their grip and have better control over their swing and posture. A firm grip will allow more transfer of force through your wrists and hands while initiating a swing.

One of the best ways to strengthen your grip strength is through exercise. Exercise helps athletes improve their strength and overall performance in their game. If you are serious about your golf game than you should start considering improving your strength. You can start off with a simple hand exercise using a Hand Grip Strengthener. This exercise is as simple as squeezing the equipment repetitively. Continuous pressing of the equipment will help build up the strength in your forearm and wrist.

If you want to move forward to a higher level exercise to improve your grip strength then try rope climbing and deadlift with a double overhand grip. Both are a great way to strengthen your grip and improve your golf grips. Rope climbing will help build up your upper body, forearm, biceps, and strengthen your grip. On the other hand, the deadlift will help in taking out the tension in the biceps and elbow and then transfer the power to the shoulders and forearms while initiating a swing.

Improved your hand position & pressure

The perfect golf grip is not about strongest grip. You don’t want to grasp your golf grips too tight or too loose. If the grip is too light, you are going to lose control over the club and if the grip is too tight, you might strike the golf ball with the heel of your club instead of the face. This will cause inconsistent strikes and loss of control over the rest of the clubs. The trick to a perfect grip is to place your hands around the golf grip gripping gently but firmly and relax your arms. If you like you can waggle your club a little, this will help shake off the tension in the arms and wrists. Keep practicing until you master this trick. Give these golf grip tips a try and see yourself initiating better golf swings on the ground

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