New 2016 Acer XV Tour Blade Irons Arrived!

Posted on June 17, 2016

The new Acer XV Tour Blade Golf Irons are the 4th iron joining the comprehensive line of Acer XV irons Acer XV Standard, Acer XV High Trajectory and Acer XV Pro models. The Acer XV Tour Blade was designed for a better player. Acer XV Tour Blade Golf IronsUnderstanding Low Versus High Moment of Inertia The new Acer XV Tour Blade has a solid muscle back design in contrast to the undercut cavity found in the three XV irons.  By concentrating mass in a solid muscle right behind the ball (instead of distributing the weight to the outer perimeter), the muscle back design promotes a lower Moment of Inertia makes it easier to work or shape the shot the way you like it. Additionally, a muscle back design enhances feel when struck on the center due to increased mass behind the center of impact. Acer XV Tour Blade Golf Iron Comparison Soft Carbon Steel: The Acer XV Tour Blade irons are cast from soft 304 stainless steel. The benefit of 304 stainless steel is this material rivals that nice soft, solid feel of a forged iron, but at a fraction of the cost. Unlike most forged irons, the Acer XV Tour Blade irons feature a cavity back design offering forgiveness at off-center shots. The center of gravity of the Acer XV Tour is well-balanced and centered in the scoreline area rewarding a good shot due to the asymmetrical design. The Acer XV Tour Blade irons are perfect for skilled players who may still need some help in the longer irons. Acer XV Tour Blade Golf Iron BalanceCreate the Ultimate Combo Set The Acer XV Tour Blade has the same specifications of the Acer XV Pro model, exact same offset, same dimensions and look at address. It can be mixed and matched seamlessly with the Acer XV Pro to make a progressive set. If you need some help in the longer irons for distance and control, you can take the Acer XV Pro model and then fill-in with the XV Tour Blade where you don’t. The Acer XV Tour Blade features a more compact head profile and reduced offset preferred by better players. The XV Tour Blade also has a slightly narrower sole and thinner topline than the standard cavity back iron models. Monark Golf is offering the new Acer XV Tour Blade at low introductory prices: $13.45/club head. Custom-built Acer XV Tour Blade irons are starting at $24.85