New golf clubs to play a better game
New Golf Clubs to Play a Better Game

Posted on July 28, 2020

Once you start playing golf, it is highly probable that you will be hooked to it to play better. When your techniques don’t seem to be favoring you in improving your game, adding custom golf club sets can speed up your progress and boost confidence to play a better game.

Of course, new golf clubs sets aren't magically going to make you a pro golfer, but once you have learned about right club selections and improve your grip & swing, acquiring new equipment will play a big role.

At we feature the latest golf clubs, which deliver better accuracy, length, and consistency than older clubs. If you are confused about golf club driver, iron, and putter and what they do and which brand to purchase, here’s a guide for you.


Golf club driver usually has the largest club head and shallowest club faces angle than the rest of the golf clubs. This club is designed to strike the golf ball off the tee, as the initial shot of the hole. When you can strike properly, you can drive the ball to a further distance with the driver that any other club.

Recommended golf club driver head: Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Cast Titanium Driver Head

Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Cast Titanium Driver Head

The forgiving Mondeo Jet Titanium Driver Head will help you achieve consistency while delivering excellent distance shots. This driver is incorporated with just enough engineering tweaks, including the Adjustable Hosel Sleeve, sliding weight system, and expanded the face-to-back design to make it a smooth performer.


A golf iron comes with a thin club face and is typically used when the ball is just 200 yards short from the green. Irons run from numbered 1 through 9 with a high degree of loft, the 9-iron having the highest degree of loft.

Recommended golf club iron head: Heater B-6 Iron Heads

Heater B-6 Iron Heads

The Heater B-6 Iron has been incorporated with a 360º deep undercut cavity to maximize its overall performance. If you are looking for high launching, strong and penetrating ball flight, the Heater B-6 Iron is the way to go.


The golf putter is the club the golfers use while they are on the green. It is used to roll the ball alongside the green, toward the hole. The golf putters come in different designs and sizes. The head design can either be in the form of a mallet with a flat surface or flat blade.

Recommended golf putter: Bionik 701 Blue Mallet Putter Head

Bionik 701 Blue Mallet Putter Head - RH

The Bionik 701 putter is built with multi-material to provide exceptional results. If you struggle to align your putts properly, the Bionik 701 putter provides you a visual clue with bold sight lines, directing straight toward your target.

If you are ready to replace old golf clubs set with new custom golf clubs, visit to get high quality, better performing clubs.