New King AI-Series Has Arrived
New King AI-Series Has Arrived

Posted on July 29, 2022

In golf, there is a common misunderstanding that talent rather than equipment defines a competitive athlete. While talent plays a significant role in the success of the finest athletes, decent athletes still require high-quality gear by their side.

Fortunately, golf technology is constantly evolving, and new clubs are constantly being developed to assist players in improving their game.

Most Needed New AI-Series Golfing Equipment

New King AI-Series 

The heavier sole of the King AI Series golf equipment is designed to produce low ball spin and a high flight trajectory. The King AI series have a large cavity back design, stainless steel construction, and heel/toe "notch" weighting for optimal game playability. Longer shots and a stronger impact are produced by the increased launch angle caused by the low center of gravity, producing longer shots and a stronger impact.

King AI-Series Titanium Driver Heads

Fast head speed is possible with the new aero shape with improved aerodynamics of these titanium driver heads. With an improved head shape, both shots hit in the middle of the face, and those hit off-center get additional speed. The effective face area is increased by cup face design and is also the driver's most important feature. Increased rebound impact over a greater distance is an added advantage. You get a maximum rebound effect which is further encouraged by the varying face thickness, even on missed hits.

Increased stability at impact and forgivingness of off-center impacts are benefits of the increased front-to-back size (111 mm). This gives better results for the player on the field.

King AI-Series Fairway Wood Heads

AI-Series King Fairway Wood heads are crafted for playability and ease of launch. Due to the low CG placement and reduced drag sole construction, these woods can be easily adapted and simple to hit from any part of the course. The shallow face causes the CG location to move below the ball's equator and encourages a high trajectory. Improved aerodynamics and a new aero-shape reduce drag for rapid head speed. A smooth sole plate improves turf contact to help you aim for greater distance.

King AI-Series Hybrid Heads

These woods are incredibly adaptable and simple to hit from any part of the course because of the low CG placement and reduced drag sole design. It has features similar to King AI-series wood heads but differs in shape and size. Improved aerodynamics and a new aero-shape reduce drag for rapid head speed. A smooth sole plate improves turf contact. Golfers that use the black-on-black color scheme at address can "frame" the ball better.

King AI-Series Iron heads

Players who want quick ball speed, high launch, straight shots, and a new confidence level will benefit from the new King AI-Series iron hybrid set. Their broader soles and deep undercut cavity design make King AI irons easier to hit, more forgiving, and maximize hitting area. They are simple to launch, giving the ball a higher flight that increases distance. For a remarkable moment of inertia, the weight notch design redistributes weight to the iron's outermost perimeter. The perimeter weighting increases the stability of the head.

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