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New Mondeo Fairway Woods With Adjustable Hosel Sleeve Now in Store

Posted on September 17, 2019

Looking to achieve some powerful shots and to cover optimize distance? Look no further than a Mondeo fairway wood. Mondeo brings you two new amazing woods built with adjustable hosel technology. The new Mondeo fairway wood is the only component wood head with an adjustable hosel sleeve available on the market. So, grab your power performing Mondeo fairway wood now. It’s very affordable too.

Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Maraging Fairway Wood Head

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Custom-Built Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Maraging Fairway Wood

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Still can’t make up your mind about new Mondeo fairway woods? Here are some advantages of using Mondeo fairway woods to help you out.

More forgiveness on off-center strikes.

The new Mondeo fairway woods are intended to increase forgiveness and are an ideal choice if you are a high handicapper golfer. The head is made to be bigger and its weight is placed more towards the perimeter. This gives you a larger sweet spot to strike your ball. The benefits are minimal ball spin and maximum forgiveness.

Optimized Distance

Mondeo fairway woods are known for being ultra-versatile. The new Mondeo fairway woods feature the same property. To make it more performing, the heads are molded using strong S450 Maraging Steel, making it extremely tough and versatile that helps you improve accuracy and increase face flexing. The new Mondeo fairway woods will give you the distance required to get your ball off the fairway and avoid the rough.

Benefits of Adjustable Hosel Sleeve in Mondeo fairway woods

Face Angle

Face Angle can be adjusted to prevent a slice or hook while going for long and straight shots. Woods with adjustable hosel will enable you to modify and adjust your woods face angle from OPEN to NEUTRAL to CLOSE. You can choose and set the face angle position to achieve the shot you have in mind. Apart from this, the adjustable hosel also allows you to adjust the lie angle.

Adjustable Loft

It is very important for the loft of your club to be precise and accurate as it is the primary factor that influences the state of your ball at impact. The adjustable hosel allows you to adjust the loft of your wood so that you achieve the spin rates and launch angles that suite to the way you deliver the club. This can be achieved by removing the head and then re-positioning it on to the shaft. This method usually increases or decreases the loft by 1 to 3 degrees.

More Shaft option

Shafts are often overlooked, most golfers don’t realize how shaft affects their ability to swing the clubhead at impact. Choosing the right kind of shaft is really important as it can offer you the best chance to improve consistency and achieve optimal results. The hosel sleeve allows you to exchange shafts and play with different shafts. So, the next time you feel uncomfortable about your shaft, you can simply exchange it with a shaft that you find suitable and are comfortable with.

Choose the New Mondeo fairway woods and achieve optimize ball flight, trajectory, & distance.

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