New Mondeo Jet Black Maraging Fairway Woods with Adjustable Hosel Sleeve

Posted on September 2, 2019

Finally Adjustable Hosel design for a fairway wood at an affordable price. The new Mondeo Jet Black fairway wood is the only fairway wood component head on the market featuring an adjustable hosel sleeve

  • The recessed Recoil Pocket along the hitting face makes the hitting face more responsive and increases the size of the sweet spot. The benefits are a reduced spin for longer shots and increased forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • S450 Maraging Steel: Mondeo Jet Black wood heads are entirely (body and sole plate) cast from heat-treated, strong S450 Maraging Steel. The harder steel alloy allows for a thinner wall, improves accuracy and increases face flexing. Maraging steel is a low-carbon steel alloy with a higher nickel content undergoing an extended time of heat treatment. Maraging steel is an ultra-high-strength steel class deriving its strength from precipitation of intermetallic compounds.
  • Adjustable Hosel Sleeve: Face Angle is adjustable to prevent a hook or slice for long & straight shots. Adjustable hosel design allows you to adjust the face angle from 1.5º open to neutral to 1.5º closed. Choose from three face angle positions so you can achieve the look you want at the address and help you square the face to the ball at impact. The adjustable hosel allows you to change the lie angle from 57º to 56º (i.e. 1º upright).
    • - 1.5º Face Angle promotes a distance-enhancing draw bias
    • 0º (Square) Face Angle
    • +1.5º Face Angle promotes a fade bias
    • 1º Upright Lie at Square Face
    • The hosel sleeve also allows you to exchange shafts and to play with different shafts.
  • Aero-dynamic head profile reduces drag and promotes faster golf club speed for more distance.
  • Black PVD Finish: Electron plated PVD finish reduces unwanted glaring and lends a high-end image to these heads.
  • Head comes with a complimentary wrench, 1 x pre-installed shaft adapter, and a special ferrule.
  • Affordable Price: Despite the innovative design and high-performance materials, the new Mondeo Jet Black fairway woods come at am affordable, down to earth price. It is available as golf component head for your own club building. Also available at the custom-built club, built from scratch to your specifications.

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