New SuperStroke Plus XL Putter Grips Arrived

Posted on March 29, 2015

The new SuperStroke PLUS SERIES Grips provide the ability to add back-weighting to any putter to achieve optimum balance. With a new proprietary threaded cap design, players can quickly and easily install a 50g weight to instantly change feel and balance. The Super Stroke Legacy Plus XL and Flatso Plus XL putter grips are 14" long to accommodate all putting grip styles, 50g weight available to back-weight any putter. * Counter Core technology allows the user to change the weight of their grip without having to remove it. Back-weighting has never been easier! Simply remove the threaded cap at the butt end of the grip and insert a different Counter Core weight. Now, players can add or remove weight to find the ideal weight for them in order to make more putts. The Flatso 2.0 Plus is the same diameter as the Flatso 2.0, 1.25" in diameter, and weights 85-grams without any Counter Core weights added.67" diameter weighing 90 grams. * Parallel Grip Technology for a more consistent stroke. * 50g CounterCore backweight available for decreased wrist action and a more consistent stroke (insert weight sold separately). New 2015 SuperStroke are available online here: Video: