Optimizing Clubhead Speed
Optimizing Clubhead Speed – What Most Pros Do to Drive the Ball 300+ Yards

Posted on September 8, 2022

Increasing clubhead speed is essential to increase ball distance. However, swinging your clubs as hard as you can, without proper technique won’t do your scores any favors.

Understanding the biomechanics of the golf swing is crucial. Many pro golfers know this, and use that knowledge in the game to generate the most clubhead speed at the right time. 

The secret to achieving high clubhead speed starts with diving into the physics of how the body moves to create the dynamics and geometry of the hand speed, so the players can be more powerful with their strikes. 

Here is what many professional golfers do to increase the power of a golf swing and therefore the "swing speed."

  • Pull the left shoulder towards the target, allowing the left arm to go down.
  • Adduct the upper right arm towards the right side.
  • Pitch the right elbow towards the right hip. This helps shallow the downswing plane and prevents the right arm from getting blocked behind the torso.
  • Perform a lateral side bend. 

The purpose of this move is to create a straighter downswing path and shallow out the downswing planes simultaneously. 

In simplistic terms, what happens during this motion is that the clubhead is made to move from one direction and another by a sudden change in the hand path (ie. the hand movement makes a sudden change from a straight to a more curved path). This helps create tension in the shaft and increases the pull force on the clubhead. The increased tension in the shaft also pulls on the arms slowing them and initiating the transfer of energy from the arms to the club. So, basically, more energy at impact means more speed and more distance. 

However, it’s important to understand that simply creating speed is enough, you have to make sure the club orbits around your wrists so the club alignment is more vertical to hit the ball. So, when your hands go up make sure you allow your wrists to uncock and forearms to swivel enough for your clubhead to hit the ball.

Another quick note on speed. Ensure your swing speed is at its peak when your clubface meets the ball. You don’t want your club to hit the ball when the club head speed is slowing down. Next time you are practicing, apply these tips and see how it works for you.

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