Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers
Really Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers

Posted on December 13, 2019

With Christmas day almost at our doorsteps, it’s time to think about what your golfer friends might want to unwrap this holiday season. Though the weather can get really chilly, it doesn’t mean golfers would stop thinking about the golf game. You can help them keep the fire burning by gifting some really cool golf equipment to get them more excited about the game.

Besides, any golfers love trying out new stuff. Here are some really cool Christmas ideas that you can give your favorite golfer, and make his Christmas holidays even more exciting.

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are a smart gift choice for all golfers, whether it be for novice or pro golfers. As hybrid provides the best features of both irons and woods, it allows players to easily make successful swings.

Tour Model X1 Hybrid Heads - Set of #3, #4, #5
Heater X1 hybrids

The Heater X1 hybrids are perhaps the best choice to gift your golf buddy. The expanded head design employed on this hybrids is intended to help players cover the exceptional distance by improving the clubhead speed. In addition, the Heater X1 hybrids at Monark Golf are on huge sale this holiday season, making your holiday shopping more fun and inexpensive.

Fairway woods

Built Tri-Power MOI Fairway Woods
TriPower fairway woods

Fairway woods have evolved over time to become one of the most versatile golf clubs any golfers wish to own. Make your friend’s wish come true by gifting the best fairway wood this Christmas- the TriPower fairway woods.

The TriPower fairway woods are built using quality materials and advanced technologies.  They are meant to help golfer find better distance and stability from the tee, and are effective even on the rough.

Titanium Driver

Integra SoooFar Cast Titanium Driver Head
Integra SoooFar Cast Titanium Driver Head

Yes, it’s true, Drivers are a very personal choice for every golfer. Searching for the right driver as Christmas gifts can be hard because of personal taste and it’s also quite expensive. But, you if want to make your gift special, you will have to be willing to take a little risk.

The Integra Sooofar cast titanium driver looks great but performs even better. The cast titanium body is intended to improve uniformity and accuracy. We love this titanium driver, and your goffer buddy will love it too.

To make your holidays even better, Monark Golf is offering this amazing driver at a discount of $44.00 off. So, you and your golf buddies can have more fun on the golf field this holiday season. 

Putter grips

Rexton PU Soft putter grips
Rexton PU Soft putter grips

If you are unsure what to gift your buddy this Christmas, smart putter grips are the coolest and useful golf equipment that you can give. Rexton PU Soft putter grips are a stroke of genius, the extended non-taper outline is meant to eliminate wrist movement, which inspires confidence in the golfer to make a smooth pendulum swing.

The Rexton PU Soft putter grips are available in multiple colors.  This excellent putter grip is lightweight, comfortable and will definitely improve any golfer’s swing.

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