Review: SMT Golf irons - Price, Features & Benefits
Review: SMT Golf irons – Price, Features & Benefits

Posted on July 29, 2022

We work the entire week tirelessly to find some moment of pleasure on the weekends. We wait for weekends, so we can take some time out of our hectic schedules and do something we like. Do you have a passion for golf? Then, this article is for you because we will discuss SMT Golf irons: price, features, and benefits! 

Everything you need to know about SMT Golf Irons 

SMT Golf was founded in 2001 by Mike Tait, and his goal was to provide quality golf clubs and their components at affordable prices. The brand caters to the needs of a player who just stepped into the world of golf and everyone interested in the game. However, are they worth it? 

Price of the SMT Golf Irons 

The SMT Golf iron starts from $170 - $450. With the offers and discounts, they are available at lower price rates from their market value. However, along with the price, what matters the most is the design and composition of the iron. The design will improve the grip, so when you hit the ball, it goes straight into the hole! 

How to look for the perfect golf iron that suits your game style?  

Different factors must be considered before buying a golf iron because the wrong one might affect your performance. So here are some things to look for in the golf iron: 

  • Loft, length, and distance - There is a simple logic behind the loft, length, and distance of the golf irons. The more the loft, the shorter the shaft will be, covering a shorter distance. 
  • Long, mid-, and short irons -  The irons are classified into long irons with 2, 3, and 4 irons; the mid-irons are the ones with 5, 6 irons, and the short irons are the ones with 8, 9 irons. If you are an amateur, you should use the short irons because it becomes easy to master the other golf clubs when you become an expert at handling golf irons with increased loft.
  • Type of clubhead - There are two types of clubheads, namely muscle back and cavity style iron. The cavity-style clubhead is best for people who are amateurs and play golf for recreational purposes. However, the experts recommend playing with a muscle back or blade style of iron. 

Features and benefits of SMT Golf Irons 

Here are some benefits of SMT Golf club heads: 

  • Every golf clubhead is custom-built according to the requirement. 
  • All the accessories of the golf clubs are designed keeping the tour standards in mind.
  • There are clubs designed for the amateurs for improvement and experienced players who want maximum forgiveness. 
  • They have golf irons specifically designed for women players. 
  • The crystal-clear specifications of the golf iron will help you find the perfect clubhead for your style.   

Should you go for SMT Golf Irons to enhance your skills? 

The SMT clone golf drivers, hybrids, irons, and wedges are highly durable and will enhance your game performance. The sleek design of the iron with a classic blade with a strong top line is the best part of the SMT Golf and what makes them the best in the market. 
Monark Golf is the one-stop destination for shopping quality and branded golf club accessories to bring the best out of your game. So, this was everything about SMT Golf irons: price, features, and benefits. If you want to know more about the golf world, visit Monark Golf.