Special Characteristics Of Game Improvement Golf Clubs
Special Characteristics Of Game Improvement Golf Clubs

Posted on September 28, 2021

Modern technology has enabled a series of improvements in golf club design and construction. Today, it’s much easier for players to find a game-performing golf club on sale to improve their game. For instance, at Monark Golf, you can find exciting golf clubs sales on top-quality clubs from top brands that enable you to exhibit your ability and technique. 

With time, different innovative clubs continued to expand with new features. Leading to a new classification and description for golf clubs as “game-improvement”. While new innovations keep on developing, the purpose of game-improvement golf clubs remains the same: to offer players maximum forgiveness and consistency.

The standard characteristics of game-improvement golf clubs include:

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting is a method of positioning the weight of the clubhead around the outer edges of the club in order to stabilize. The clubhead on different types of impacts. Perimeter-weighted clubs are known to increase forgiveness and accuracy on off-center hits and help achieve a higher ball flight than other conventional clubs.

By maximizing forgiveness and accuracy, perimeter-weighted clubs provide the advantage for average golfers to experience the best possible game. 

Large Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on the clubface is an optimum spot to make contact with the golf ball. Generally, perimeter weighting design enables club manufacturers to create a large sweet spot on the clubhead to help players make a better strike. The large sweet spot provides increased forgiveness and allows players to hit the ball across several points on the clubface while still hitting the sweet spot. 

While a larger sweet spot may make room for swing error. Perimeter weighting can be moved to correct toe-miss hits and help players to get their golf ball up in the air. For instance, the heavily toe-weighted design will help minimize club twisting which may occur from severe miss-hits off the toe of the club. 

A Low Center of Gravity

The low center of gravity has become a favored design in golf clubs. Additional weight is often added at the bottom of a club in order to lower its center of gravity. This feature allows the ball to launch on a vertical angle, go higher and land softly. 

Oversize Clubheads

This feature is commonly found in the game improvement golf irons. Many clubs, especially irons, are now built with heads larger than standard club heads. The extra added surface area in the clubface creates greater MOI and provides players with the confidence to hit the ball properly.
These are the special characteristics you can find in game-improvement golf clubs. Adding these clubs into your collection can benefit your game at great levels. Find the best quality game-improvement golf club on sale at Monark Golf. We offer the most exciting golf clubs sales on a range of golf clubs. Feel free to check out the list of golf clubs sales on our website.