Stepwise Instructables on Cleaning Golf Clubs

Posted on September 18, 2015

It is always advisable to keep the golf clubs clean in order to keep your game at top level. Cleaning them in the correct way will help you to increase the longevity of your expensive custom made golf clubs. Professional cleaning services are available, but your personal cleaning of the golf club irons will satisfy and motivate you for the golfing sessions. Few handy tips are:

  1. Mix mild hot water and mild detergent in a bucket big enough to adjust the club heads. Take care that the water should not reach the ferrules.
  2. Submerge your custom golf putters and club heads in the lukewarm water for 5 to 10 mins based on the dirt and vexing stains.
  3. Remove the club heads from the water and then  scrub them with a thick bristle brush

First clean the face, then move to the back and finish with the top and bottom.

  1. Rinse the clubs with cool water, avoiding the ferrules to get soaked.
  2. Dry them with soft, dry towel making sure that the club is completely dried up.
  3. Before keeping them in the bag makes sure that the bag is also clean.

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