Tapered, Reduced taper, and Non-Tapered - Here's What You Need to Know about Grip Profiles
Tapered, Reduced Taper, and Non-Tapered – Here’s What You Need to Know about Grip Profiles

Posted on January 31, 2020

If you don’t feel comfortable with your golf grip, you won’t play your best. The idea is pretty simple: to perform well it’s important that golfers make use of the right grip with the right grip profile. Golfers are very much aware of the benefits of right custom club fitting, but only a few give importance to their grips, which is the only club that they have direct contact with.

As we talk about golf grips, we should also be aware of the fact that a single grip profile doesn’t suit everyone because of the diversity in the style, game level, strategy, and requirement of each unique player. Fortunately, the golf industry has been successful in producing grips with different grip profiles to suit different players.

Currently, golf grips fall under three types of grip profile - tapered, reduced taper, or non-tapered.

Tapered Grip Profile

Traditionally all golf grips were tapered. The traditional grips feature a consistent taper design that decreases by 20-25% in diameter from the top grip’s cap to its tip. That is, the top part of the grip is the largest and the size becomes smaller or tapers down as it gets closer to the bottom of the grip. The classic-style grip profile provides a reliable grip feel and is commonly used by players.

Reduced taper Grip Profile

In the reduced taper grip, the rate of taper is lessened, keeping the bottom of the grip slightly larger than the tapered grip. The top half portion of the grip, however, is basically the same size as that of traditionally tapered grip.

The reduced-taper and straighter profile is intended to encourage a lighter pressure grip for players and hence allowing them to achieve more accuracy and full benefit from the swing.

Non-Tapered Grip Profile

Non-tapered grips have the same diameter from the top and all the way down the button. This non-taper profile is designed to help players decrease wrist movement and grip pressure. Because the grip is comparatively big and has the same thickness all the way through, it takes away most of the grip pressure and the hands remain a little more relaxed, the players can make a smooth stroke at ease.

As stated earlier, if you don’t feel right, you are not going to play great. If you haven’t been feeling great about your current golf grips, now you know there are options for you to upgrade your grips. Check out excellent golf grip collection at Monark Golf website at https://www.monarkgolf.com/ and get your right golf grip today.

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