purpose of using golf chippers
The purpose of using golf chippers

Posted on November 1, 2019

Golf chipper works as a liberator for those golfers having trouble initiating short shots when off the green. It can also be used to initiate longer shots on a clipped tight fairway. The head of the golf chippers is similar to that of putter heads but its loft is lifted approximately about 30 to 37 degrees, similar to that of the 7-iron or 8-iron.

golf chippers

When and why are golf chippers used?

When your shot doesn’t go as well as planned and your golf ball rolls over into the rough grass away from the green, you may use a golf clipper to help you out in such situations. When used properly, golf chippers can help in improving your game. Here are a few situations where golf clippers get handy.

Dodge fat contact.

Hitting fat chip shots is what frustrates golfers the most. When chipping, golfers usually suffer to initiate clean strike as they often tend to hit behind the ball, resulting in fat contact and an off-target shot. It takes a lot of practice and a handful of skills to master such clean chip shots. If you have the habit of hitting fat chip shots and can’t seem to get over it, golf chippers might just the thing to help you out.

With golf chippers and a little practice, you will be able to easily pick your golf ball of the turf in no time. Since you will be employing putting-like motion, it becomes easier to strike the ball up toward the hole at an appropriate speed.

Minimize chipping-related stress.

Custom-Built Acer XK Flipper Left Hand

The major disadvantage of poor chipping is that the negative impact gets transferred into the rest of the game. You feel more pressure than usual and will eventually end up initiating a poor swing and leaving your golf ball on an unsuitable location.

Golf chippers serve as an excellent tool that helps golfers avoid such situation. Once you learn how to use your chippers properly you will see that you are less pressure about perfecting your approach shots whenever you miss the green. Golf chippers give you the confidence and allow you to initiate your best swing without being pressured much.

Where to find the best golf chippers?

Once you experience the advantage of using golf chippers they are probably going to become one of your favorite clubs in your golf bag. Remember to always go for quality whenever you buy any golf equipment. An investment in quality golf equipment will serve you back with excellent performance and durability for the long term.

If you are seeking for quality golf chippers to buy, we recommend that you visit Monark Golf online store. They provide the best type of golf chippers as well as other golf clubs of top brands.

You can browse through the site and find custom chippers that sync just perfectly with your unique swing. You can consider the Custom-Built Acer XK Chipper RH. What makes this chipper a great buy is the “gooseneck” feature. The over-the-hosel design is intended to increase the effectiveness in the face area and help players avoid striking the ball like with an iron. Besides this, there are varieties of custom clippers to choose from.

The customer clippers are built from scratch in the USA to suit the needs of your specifications. That means you can find quality grips to choose from and also select the club length which is right for your body length and posture.

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