The Ultimate Guide for Every Golfer About True Temper Shafts
The Ultimate Guide for Every Golfer About True Temper Shafts

Posted on December 9, 2022

Every golfer has experienced frequent back pains with the wrong set of golfing equipment. However, with the right equipment, you can prevent these back aches and enjoy a comfortable game. 

Whether you are a casual weekend player or a professional golfer, golf shafts are crucial equipment to enhance your golfing experience. As a result, it’s advisable to opt for the Tour Shaft technology described in detail below.

The Tour Shaft technology helps golfers hit the ball farther to shoot long-distance shots. True Temper Shafts are the official shafts of the PGA Tour to help you hit shots with maximum distance and accuracy. It is durable, comfortable, and consistent with every course. It is a club shaft that swings smoothly to give accurate performances.

You must know some critical things to understand the True Temper Tour shaft discussed below

  • Performance

The True Temper Shafts highlight accurate numbers for the swing. With this Tour shaft, skilled golfers can opt for a better shot selection with a controlled trajectory. As a result, this shaft tour provides golfers with high launching capability. 

Golfers can find two variations of the Tour shaft, i.e., heavier and flex versions. The Tour shaft weighs differently from regular or stiff weights, with the majority being lightweight at 100 grams. 

  • Launch

This shaft has accurate specifications and higher degrees than other shafts. This frequency becomes equal to the swing suitable for every golfer. Generally, shot dispersion negatively affects the spins on the golf course. However, some shot dispersions are ideal because they have tight distributions that help the golfers launch better shots with their golf shafts.

  • Trajectory

The trajectory of the tour shaft is medium, with peak height reaching the ball's trajectory. Golfers, who struggle with the ball, look for the high trajectory shafts. For this reason, it’s better to choose a low trajectory for the players to avoid hitting the ball too high on the golf course.

  • Swing speed

Tour shafts are ideal for low-handicap golfers with higher swing speeds. Steel shafts are heavier with high accuracy, low torque, and less dampening. Graphite shafts are lightweight, with higher torque and dampening. All the lightweight steel shafts feel like graphite shafts with accuracy and low torque benefits. 

  • Tempo

The elevated tour shafts have a moderate tempo depending on the swing and affect the loading capability of the shaft for golfers. A faster tempo is pivotal for transitions in the backswing. It’s suitable for slow golfers who need a smooth transition to produce a stable tempo in the backswing. 

Generally, many golfers use the True Temper Tour shaft to perform their best. They are designed with graphite and other materials that were not there in traditional golf shafts. In this way, they help you attain your ideal swing and improve your game.

Following are the popular true temper tour shafts:

  • True Temper Elevate 85 MPH 0.370" Steel Iron Shafts:

This true temper elevates tour shaft is designed to combat the low spin industry. It is one of the lightweight and highest launching tour shafts to carry maximum speed and distance. It features ultra-high-strength enriched with steel alloy. Even with the light designs, this shaft remains stable. This shaft is made of steel to maximize the club head speed and distances. Throughout the length, it maintains stability because of the premium steel. The trajectories result in optimal landing angles to hold greens. It is a lightweight shaft with a responsive tip section to increase distance and ball flight without much effort.

  • Elevate MPH 115 Steel Iron Shaft:

This tour shaft is ideal for maximum speed and distances and is now in the elevated shaft line. It is about 115g, proving heavier, offering to control with a softer tip to increase the spin. The tempo is moderate as golfers swing the ball, affecting the loading way. A golfer with a quick backswing and aggressive transition needs a faster tempo, and a lower backswing needs a deliberate tempo.

This tour shaft has a high trajectory so that the ball reaches the peak height. Golfers tend to get the ball in the air and choose a higher trajectory. The spin is high to pass the ball and improve the performance.


  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Shafts

Dynamic gold 105 shaft alleviates the problems of producing lightweight steel shafts featuring excellent tour performances. This tour-caliber shaft has a premium lightweight design to provide golfers with the exact mid-low launch and spin shaft. It is easy to swing and allows control and accuracy in the distance. It increases club head speed from the production of lightweight shafts.

Bottom line

Consider the True Temper Shafts in your next game. Golfers with stout or low launching shafts can enjoy good stability and control. Choose the right tempo for a moderate swing for good yardage. Contact Monark Gold for assistance with the golf equipment. They produce equipment with ISO certifications in supreme standard quality.