The Value of A Shaft in a Golf Club
The Value of A Shaft in a Golf Club

Posted on October 29, 2021

Are you a golf player? If yes, you will know the importance of a shaft in a golf club. For all those who don't, it is a long tube that joins the golfer's hand to the club head of a golf club. As a golf player, you will understand why the shaft has to be of good quality and how it influences the game. This article will guide you and help you purchase the best for your golf club. 

What is the importance of a shaft?

As mentioned earlier, a shaft is a connecting tool between the golfer's hand and the clubhead in a golf club. The quality used can be a game-changer as it influences the launch and spin. Graphite Design shafts and Iron Graphite shafts have proved to enhance the overall quality of the golf club. 

The main aim of the shaft is to transfer energy from the golfer's hand to the clubhead in a golf club. It also controls the following:

  • The swing speed
  • The transition force
  •  The release point
  • The tempo

Most of the shafts can deliver the above, but Graphite Design shafts and Iron Graphite shafts show better results.

Types of Shafts

They are five different types of shafts that you can choose from as per your requirements. Here is the list of the different types:

  • Ladies - Used for slow swinging golfers, speed below 60 mph. 
  • Senior - For golfers with a speed of 60 to 75 mph. 
  • Regular - Most common, for speeds of 75 to 84 mph.
  • Stiff - For golfers of 84 to 93 mph speed.
  • Extra Stiff - Highest speed of above 93 mph. 

You can select any of the above at your convenience and style of playing. Each of these is available in Graphite Design shafts and Iron Graphite shafts.

Advantages of Graphite and Iron shafts

Golfers prefer using Graphite Design shafts and Iron Graphite shafts for the advantages they offer. Here is a list of why you should switch over to them: 

  • Lighter in weight helps to increase swing speed and distance.
  • Offer a higher torque rate.
  • Higher flexibility at the tip. 
  • Highly advantageous for players with a slow swing tempo.
  • Long-lasting. 

Many golfers experience a pleasurable experience with graphite and iron shafts in their golf clubs. So you could switch to one soon to encounter the same! 

As a Golfer, you tend to be very picky while choosing a golf club. Monark Golf is an online website offering high-quality golf components, including long-lasting shafts. They offer a wide variety of products that are affordable and preferred by the top golf club components. So if you wish to purchase a Graphite Design shaft, Iron Graphite shaft, or any other golf components, you can check out their website.

I hope this article could answer your questions about a shaft and its importance in a golf club. So next time you purchase one, ensure to keep the above details in mind!