Things to know about customizing golf clubs for beginners
Things to know about customizing golf clubs for beginners?

Posted on September 28, 2021

If you have started to take interest in golf, getting your golf clubs custom-made can be highly beneficial for your game if you are going to stick with the sport for a long time. 

Beginner golfers can benefit from customizing golf clubs as they have so much to gain from playing with the right clubs. Golfers usually tend to adapt their swing to the clubs they use. So, if beginners start playing with the clubs that aren’t well suited for them. They can begin forming bad habits which over time will be difficult to break over. 

Generally, it is advised that beginners should first learn to make a consistent swing before focusing on golf equipment. Customizing their golf clubs. This is because, at the initial stage of learning about the game and how to play it. Several changes will occur in swing technique and game level. Players are most likely to outgrow their fitting quickly as they begin to improve their capabilities. So, it is a good idea to learn the basics first and then go for custom clubs. 

What are the things that can be Customized?

To customize golf clubs, the technician first looks at several things, including the height of the players and their swing ability. After that, the players will also get to make certain choices based on personal preference. 

Adjusting the Loft and Lie 

The first step in customizing golf clubs is to examine the physical structure of the golf club in terms of the player’s swing capability. Here special consideration is given to the player’s height and the distance between their hands and the ground while in a standing position. This measurement will help determine the right length and lie angle of the club.

The Golf Shaft 

The golf shaft is considered as the ‘engine room’ of the club and so it’s important to get the right shaft for the game. Depending on the player’s swing ability, the flex, stiffness, weight, and length of the shaft can be customized.

For instance, players with harder swings may go for a stiffer shaft to increase stability through impact. Regardless of what custom features players may look for, the goal is to get a shaft that suits the natural swing of the player. 

Other Options 

Other characteristics like swing-weight can be modified, depending on the swing speed of the players, altering the weight of the shaft. Players can also choose the type of grips they want for their clubs. These can provide significant improvements in a player's ability. 

The amount of golf clubs custom-made options is incredible, players can choose to custom-made one or a few of their clubs to boost their game level. It is important to get help from an expert when customizing golf clubs. An expert technician can help narrow down the best options and make the right choice depending on personal preference. 
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