Things to Know For Beginners in Golf

Posted on March 16, 2017

Golf is considered to be an expensive sport. The people who generally play golf may be among the wealthy ones in town. The golf equipment's are quite costly and pocket pinching the middle class people of the society. Well if have a golf kit with you and you are a beginner there are certain things which are to be kept in mind before knocking the ball.

  • There are few golf etiquette's one should follow among the golfers. Be sure not to avoid the rules set for all golfers.
  • Be sure your golf kit has all the necessary equipments for golf like the aluminum golf driver, the fairway woods, irons, hybrid clubs and mallet putters. You can also avail the discount golf clubs if you wish to buy or replace any one of them.
  • Every golf club has a dedicated time slot for each and every player. Try to be before time so that you can have spare time for warm up. Warming up before playing golf is very essential.
  • Start you day by hitting some soft wedge shots then go for the practice green and the putts.
  • Try not to hit hundreds of balls and end your day on the practice tee.
  • Keep a track on your score card as it will be helpful for you to keep a track on the balls hit by you.
  • Be very attentive not to step on to your fellow mates putting lines. It can be offensive on your part.
  • At the end of the day remember to congratulate the winner and console the loser. This will help maintain relation.

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