To Fit Or Not To Fit: Custom Fitted Golf

Posted on October 16, 2018

With the opportunity to customize your golf set, more people are willing to pay to customize their sets. We all want to improve our shots and lower our handicaps. Sometimes our golfing sets do not need to be customized. How do we know when to customize it when not to? We’ll know more as we read on. But if you are definitely sure that your golf set needs customization then you can head on to Monark Golf. They have in-house professionals who can customize your golf sticks to perfection. Find your very own Custom Fit Golf Clubs by visitng Monark Golf                                                                   Here are the ways you can know if your golf sets need to be customized or not:
  1. Swinging on repeat
You will be asked to swing a few irons and woods and more to measure your swinging style. Also, you would be asked to make a few shots. This is the way we can come to a conclusion on which type of shaft, club or other type of customization will suit your swing style  
  1. When you don’t have a swing style
If you are a novice, it is better that you do not go for customized golf stick. If you cannot repeat your shots and they are going ‘thin’, ‘slice’, ‘fat’, etc. then you need to first make your shots right. When you have got control over your swing style, then only you can go for custom fit golf clubs.  
  1. Improving your swing and shot
Custom fit golf clubs will help you to make the best shot. It is better for an intermediate and professional ranking golfer to go for them. It is because they would develop a swinging style and would just need the tools to make their shots better and lower their handicap score.                             These are the ways you can determine if you need to get custom fit golf clubs or not. Also, there is a wide variety of customization you can add on to your golf sticks. Just go to Monark Golf and let their in-house professionals do their job for you. They will make sure you swing your best and make the best shot. They are in the business for more than a decade, so they know what they are doing. Experience best shots and perfect scores with some customization. Visit to get custom fit golf clubs for yourself today.

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