Top 6 Driver Heads For More Distance
Top 6 Driver Heads For More Distance

Posted on September 21, 2022

Being the shortest driver in the group can be frustrating and it gets more annoying if you are constantly having to hit the approach shots first. Hitting longer drives can immensely boost your performance on the course and keep your score low. 

Playing with the best driver can help you achieve this goal. If you struggle to drive long shots even when implementing the best technique, perhaps upgrading your driver might be the solution. 

If you need some extra yard off the tee, consider the following top driver heads for distance for a change. 

Integra Quadratic Titan Driver

With Integra Quadratic drivers you have to worry about falling well below the limit when it comes to speed and performance.

The upgraded "square" head design has taken this driver to a new level of performance. The face has been improved to provide a larger strike area. This face technology makes a huge difference when it comes to forgiveness. 

You get a larger sweet spot and corrective face angles to save you from mis-hits. This increases your chance to hit your ball where you intended, without losing distance. 

Integra Quadratic-II Driver

The Integra SoooLong Quadratic II driver is the longest and straightest driver in the "square" arena of design. The new technology has enlarged the face for more MOI. And this enlarged face design is supported by beta titanium to make it thinner yet stronger to increase COR/CT and distance.

These features make the driver suitable for a variety of players. Especially for those tormented by mis-hits and off-center strikes. One can get a whole lot of direction, stability, and distance with this phenomenal driver. 

iDrive III Offset Driver LH

If you are ready to try a driver that can drive your ball straight and long down the fairway, the i-Drive III driver is the way to go.

The elongated face profile with extended front to rear distance increases the club head's MOI, enabling players to drive the ball straighter and longer. 

In addition, the placement of the center of gravity farther back in the i-Drive III driver raises the launch angle, allowing the players to achieve straighter drives.

Tiger Power 460 Driver

The Tiger Power Super 460 driver is a great option for golfers that are interested in a driver made of genuine titanium. This driver features a 460 cc wide body and deep face design. It offers a great feel, confidence, distance, and overall performance.

SV3 Titan Driver RH / LH

The SV3 Square driver has a proven square-shaped head design and extended front to rear distance which increases the club MOI for maximum forgiveness. The deep face design and address give players confidence to hit the ball right and drive it into the air.

Increased forgiveness and being able to cover more distance will improve your overall yardage statistics as well. 

Xplod sv-moi

The Xplod Square driver heads are engineered to offer more speed, accuracy, and distance than ever before.

Thanks to the repositioning of the weight out and into the corners, your shots just got a lot better. This design offers more stability at impact and forgiveness at the tee. The Low and deep Center of Gravity also adds to help you achieve higher launch and more distance.

Thanks to amazing golf technology, acquiring distance has become much easier. With these top-rated golf drivers, you can drive your ball farther more effortlessly. In addition, almost every driver head is equipped with forgiveness and some level of adjustability to match your technique and style of play. Visit to grab these top 6 driver heads for distance and many other models at the best price at Monark Golf.