Understand The Truth Behind The Lie Angles In A Golf Club

Posted on October 3, 2018

Sometimes lie angle is mostly overlooked in golf when buying golf clubs. We may have a look at the shaft and the feel of swinging but lie angle play a big role in shaping our score. It is an amateur mistake to overlook the importance of the lie angle in their play. If the lie angle is incorrect, it may lead to higher handicap score. No one really wants that in golf whilst pursuing to become a professional. What is a lie angle and why it matters anyway? We will find out now. You could always customize your golf stick to your swing style. If you are not sure which are the Best Golf Drivers for you, irons or fairway woods, then get an expert who will help you out with this. Monark Golf has the best in-house professionals who will modify your golf clubs according to your swinging style. They make sure you get the best out of your shots. They have the best golf equipment on unbelievable sale!  You can visit Monark Golf to grab this opportunity and get massive discounts on high-end brands.             Here are the things you need to know about the lie angle:
  1. Every golf club has a lie angle
Now, a beginner might be interested to learn where this lie angle is. Lie angle is formed between the center of the shaft of any golf club and the sole or ground line of the club. If it gets a little difficult to imagine what these things are, then keep your golf stick upright on the ground. Now imagine the club being a foot. The end which is connected to the shaft is the heel of the club and the other end is the toe. Measure the angle between the center of the shaft and the ground line in an arc. That is your lie angle.  
  1. Lie angles in different clubs
  • Lie angles in drivers range is mostly mid-50 degrees.
  • Lie angles in short irons range from mid-50 degrees to mid 60-degrees.
  • Lie angles in irons range from 59 degrees to 64 degrees.
  • Lie angles in putters can reach till around 70 degrees.
  1. Compartmentalizing lie angles
How do you know if you need a flatter lie or more upright one? One can get confused in these terms but knowing them will help you in modifying your golf sticks to its maximum potential.
  • Standard lie angle: These are what golf clubs are mostly designed in.
  • Flat lie angle: When your lie angle is lower than the standard lie angle
  • Upright lie angle: When your lie angle is higher than the standard lie angle.
You can always modify your lie angle in a golf club. Either you’d need to bend it to more upright lie angle or have a more flat lie angle. To make these terms more clear, let’s take an example of a standard 9-iron lie angle of around 64 degrees. The same iron of 62-degree lie angle would be flatter than the standard and a 66-degree lie angle would be more upright than the standard one.
  1. Lie angles have the most importance in irons
Since irons have more loft than woods, it becomes highly important for irons to have the right lie angle in accordance to a golfer’s swing motion. Modify your lie angle while shopping for golf clubs. Monark Golf has in-house professionals who will do the job perfectly. You can modify your clubs to best golf drivers and irons or buy new ones that fit your budget.  
  1. Poor lie angles affect performance
Lie angles can be ill-suited to you and it can hamper your performance. This is why you need to modify it when the time requires. A perfect lie angle for a golfer is when the sole arrives at impact and is perfectly parallel to the ground. A toe-up position at impact may indicate that your lie angle is too upright. A toe-down will indicate that your lie angle is too flat. These are the things that you need to know about lie angles in golf. If you wish to modify your golf club and make it more flatter or upright according to your golf swing, then get a professional now. Monark Golf has a team of in-house professionals who will do the modification for you. But if you want to add a new collection of best golf drivers and more to your set, then visit https://www.monarkgolf.com/ to grab on their massive sale! They are having a lavish sale on their portal on all of their golf equipment. Get unbelievable discounts on high-end brands. Grab them now before stock sells out. Find international standard golf clubs at cheap price at Monark Golf.

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