Useful Exercise for golfer
Useful Exercise Every Golfer Should Perform

Posted on July 26, 2019

Typically, when it comes to playing golf, golfers especially the newbies tend to study more golf lessons and buy quality golf equipment. No doubt, both of these are an absolute necessity and its requisite that you are equipped with both the knowledge and equipment to play the game. However, they are not the only thing to give importance to.

What’s the use of all those finest golf equipment and top tactics if there isn’t strong anatomy to use the tools right and execute the shot?

Golf may look like a simple game for those who have never played it. But it’s actually a physically demanding game. It exposes golfers to great compressive forces as equal to eight times of the bodyweight. Hence, when golf swing is repeated over a lot of times it can lead to physical asymmetries build up and injuries. This is why it is important that you first prepare your body before going into the golf ground.

In order to make a strong and technically sound golf swing, you need to have strong, flexible muscles in the stomach, lower back, butt, and hips. Here are some effective exercises that will help loosen up your hips, stabilized the shoulders and build strength in the muscle to make a powerful golf swing.

Exercise 1- Mini-Band Forward Walk

(1 Set, 10 Steps)

How it’s done: Place an elastic band around both your ankles and one around your knees. Take small steps keeping the knees bent and changing the elbows with each step. It is important that your back is kept straight and knees over your toes throughout the exercise.

Outcome: This routine will help you to activate and strengthen the glutes, which will, in turn, help you maintain a stable base during a golf swing.

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Mini-Band Forward Walk - Exercise Video

Exercise 2- Hip Crossovers

(1 Set, 6 Reps, Each Direction)

How it’s done: Lie Face-Up on the ground with arms open, knees bent, heels on the floor, and feet wider than the width of your shoulder. With this position set, move your legs towards the left until they touch the ground. Then return to the position and move your legs towards the right. Repeat the steps over again. Remember to keep your abs tight and shoulders touching the floor.

Outcome: This exercise helps in stretching the tendons and muscles in the lower back and hips.

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Hip Crossovers Excercise Video

Exercise 3- World's Greatest Stretch

(1 Set, 3 Reps, Each Direction)

How it’s done: Stand up straight than lunge forward your right foot. Next, keep your left-hand fix to the ground and right elbow next to your right foot. Hold the position for 2 seconds. Next, rotate your chest and right arm towards the sky and stretch them as far as you can. Hold the position for 2 seconds. Next, take your elbow towards your instep and extend it towards the opposite side. Repeat the steps. Make sure that your back knee is kept off the ground and in contract with the glutes.

Outcome: This exercise will help lengthen your muscles in the core and also increase the amount your body can turn during a golf swing.

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World's Greatest Stretch - Exercise Video

Exercise 4- Lateral Squat

(1 Set, 6 Reps, Each Direction)

How it’s done: Stand with both feet spread a little wider than your shoulders. Next, move your hips towards the left by bending the left knee and keeping the right leg straight. Next, push through the left hip to return to the initial position. Next, move your hips to the right and repeat the routine in the opposite direction. Make sure you keep your back straight and chest up.

Outcome: Your legs play a significant role in providing strength and power during a golf swing. Hence they have to be more flexible and powerful. This exercise will help stretch your hip adductors, hamstrings, groin, glutes, and strengthen the quads.

Lateral Squat -Exercise Video

Exercise 5- Med-Ball Parallel Throws

(1 Set, 10 Throws, Each Side)

How it’s done: Grab a fitness ball and stand in a golf posture facing a wall. Bring down the ball over the side of your hip and push up your legs as you toss the ball over the wall. When you are able to catch the rebound, bring down the ball over your other hip and then repeat the movement.

Outcome: This exercise will activate and strengthen your torso and hips, as a result, helping you improve your recoil action.

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Med-Ball Parallel Throws-Exercise Video

So, now you know the exercises that can help you improve your game. Get it started and enjoy the outcomes. Also, we would love to hear your story. Feel free to share which exercises helped you improve your game.

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