Useful Tips While Practising With Your Hybrid Golf Clubs
Useful Tips While Practising With Your Hybrid Golf Clubs

Posted on August 31, 2021

Apparently, not all golfers are good at hitting great shots with the long irons. It doesn’t mean that the player is not good at the game, but it’s just the nature of the golf club. They are just a difficult thing to master for many players. Despite the advantages of long irons, hybrid golf clubs make it much easier for most golfers hitting a similar loft. If you haven’t still tried hybrid irons sets, maybe it’s a good time to give it a try.

Hybrid golf clubs are designed by adding the best features of fairway woods and irons, providing the golfers with the best of both. Hybrid clubs are easy to use and provide versatility, improved forgiveness and accuracy. Some manufacturers even offer the flexibility of purchasing just one hybrid club or the whole hybrid irons sets, so players can do what they need when they need it.

Many golfers find hybrid iron sets quite easier to hit than fairway woods and long irons. Hybrids work well from all kinds of lies and are effective in hitting out of fairway bunkers. 

Before you add hybrid iron sets to your bag and head out for the game, it’s helpful if you first practice and master the right way to swing hybrid irons. Without good practice, you could end up hitting your golf ball more yards than you actually intended to. Here are some useful tips to help you out with your first strike. 

Position Your Golf Ball

The way you position your ball can make a big difference in your shots. Remember that hybrid irons are designed to help you get your ball up in the air, so you’ll have to approach the shot similar to what you would with a long iron.

One thing you really need to avoid is getting your ball too far from your stance. The ball should be positioned just ahead of the centre when hitting with hybrid golf clubs. This means that your golf ball should be just a few inches inside of your weak or outward foot. 

From there, just swing your club as normal and you should be able to find the consistent strike that you are looking for.

Flight Control

While hybrid iron sets are great at hitting the ball up in the air, they are also very versatile. For instance, if you want to lower down the ball flight just a bit to control it in the air, you can do it by just using a normal punch shot. All you have to do is position the ball in the middle of your stance and add a little extra weight on your left at Address. 

Using this tip can help you bring the flight down around 10 to 12 feet, while still achieving much more penetrating shots. This is usually helpful during winding days. 

Your Grip and Swing

Make sure you have a loose and relaxed grip on your hybrid irons when you swing. Avoid clenching your hybrid clubs as it could result in you sending your ball at an incorrect angle.

Because hybrids are designed with a much lighter clubhead, they don't require a very hard swing to get an optimal result. That means you can still benefit by playing slow and steady. Moreover, swinging harder with hybrid irons is more likely to end up with a hook or slice.

Hopefully, these tips help you in getting started with your hybrid iron sets or help you improve your game.
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