Wedge Flex Shafts - What’s The Difference In Stiffness
Wedge Flex Shafts – What’s The Difference In Stiffness?

Posted on April 25, 2022

If you are a golf enthusiast, the term ‘wedge flex’ must have popped up in some of the other conversations with fellow players or, perhaps when you walked down the aisle in a sports shop, looking for a new wedge shaft.  

When you find a fitting wedge, and you look through its features, such as how its dynamic shaft looks and the flex that it offers, you are most likely to come across the term wedge flex, rather than the corresponding flex. This is where most people are taken by surprise.

What Does A Wedge Flex Mean?

So, what exactly does the term ‘wedge flex’ mean? And, how does it compare to the normal flex of a golf club or shaft?

The flex of a golf club refers to how much the club swings or bends on coming into contact with the golf ball. It matters a lot to the specificity and accuracy of the shot. Many seasoned golf players will carefully select their club based on several different factors in a club fitting session. 

Depending on what type of flex you choose, you can get a range of different shots. It can have a fast, slow, smooth, or jerky force. 

Understanding The Difference In Stiffness

The difference boils down to wedges having a heavier weight and slightly more stiffness to the graphite golf shaft when compared to a regular flex club such as a gold iron. Essentially, wedge flex is the same as stiff flex. 

Depending on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the golf clubs, some wedges are lighter and have less stiff flexes, while some are heavier and have stiffer flexes. Typically, stiffness levels range from five to six grams in weight per shaft. Also, it is always a good idea to inch closer to the weight of your irons when looking for a wedge shaft. 

Often the different golf clubs classify the wedge flex as stiff flex. Besides, the weight differentiation is the key point of distinction highlighted, sometimes for branding. 

How Can a Professional Help?

To select the appropriate flex for yourself, a club fitting with a golf professional is highly recommended. They will take a look at your swing, measure its speed and tempo, and take several measurements to recommend the right flex for you.

Looking For A Suitable Wedge Flex?

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