What are hybrid golf clubs used for?
What are hybrid golf clubs used for?

Posted on October 26, 2020

Popularly known as the 'rescue' club, a hybrid is basically a cross between a fairway wood and iron. Hybrid golf clubs combine all the best features of both long irons and fairway woods while avoiding the negatives points of both the clubs.

Each golf club manufacturers produce their own unique designs of golf clubs hybrids, however, the primary goal is to make the club efficient enough to sends the ball higher and straighter in the air with minimal effort.

When are hybrid golf clubs used?

Replace Long Irons

In the past, the long irons were some of the most difficult clubs to use, especially for amateur golfers. They struggle to shoot a higher shot using long irons, making it more difficult to keep their ball on the firmer greens. Since there were no other alternatives, the amateur golfers didn’t have many options but to play with long irons, as a result costing them too many points. The hybrid comes with 18, 22, or 24 degrees of loft, thereby effectively solving the problem of height. Many players also find the hybrids much easier to use than their five or six irons, thus they replace them.

On the Rough

In golf, tall grass is quite a challenge. No golfers want their ball to fall under a bushy tall grass. When this happens they are probably going to lost points. Hybrids help golfers easily get out of rough. Hybrids golf clubs can easily cut through tall grass, making them the perfect choice for shots out of the rough. The sharp edge in the front aid the club to easily cuts through the grass and the weight at the rear of the sweet spot allows the ball to fly off into the air with great velocity.

Improve Forgiveness

The hybrid golf clubs have obtained a wider sweet spot than that of a long iron. The shaft length of the hybrid golf clubs, which is shorter than an average fairway wood, makes them very controllable. All these features allow the golfers to achieve a more forgiving and precise shot while covering the perfect distance.


Hybrid golf clubs have virtually revolutionized the golf club industry and opened golfers to a whole new level of shot-making ideas and techniques. One aspect of why many golfers love hybrids is because they used almost anywhere. You can use golf club hybrids on the fairway, on the rough or to hit a ball off a tee. Hybrids golf clubs also allow you to play with confidence and initiate your shots without trying too much. If you are struggling with hitting your irons, it might be a good idea to try out a hybrid. Check out hybrid golf clubs that are designed to improve your game, here at https://www.monarkgolf.com/golf-components/clubheads/hybrid-golf-club/