What are hybrid golf clubs used for_
What are hybrid golf clubs used for?

Posted on November 27, 2019

Hybrid golf clubs are the ultimate results of the advanced steps taken in the golf club design. This special club is incorporated with all the positive features of long irons and fairway woods. Hybrid clubs make a great choice especially for those recreational or beginner golfers, who are having a hard time figuring out the consistency required to confidently hit the ball.

With hybrids, in contrast to other golf clubs, it’s much easier to strike the ball with the center of the clubface. They are comfortable and easier to handle than long irons and help golfers to strike and get better control over those important long approach shots.

If you are looking for consistency in your game, the Pinhawk SLH (Single Length) Hybrid Heads is the club you can go for. The club is also available in 9 lofts from 20º to 55º to fit any golfer.

Pinhawk SLH (Single Length) Hybrid Heads

When are hybrid golf clubs used?

Rescue from a bad lie.

Hybrids are generally used as a ‘rescue’ club. Golfers use their best hybrids golf when their golf ball settles in a bad lie. The club allows the players to produce a shot that can/may improve their chances in the game.

To get off from the rough.

Apart from rescuing players from a bad lie, hybrids come in great use to get the ball off the fairway, a tee, or from the rough. When on the rough, hybrids can assist you better than your fairway wood. The hybrid golf club can even allow you to pop your golf ball over an obstacle when you are close to the green.

To increase Forgiveness.

In contrast to long iron golf clubs, hybrid clubs have a wider sweet spot and are more comfortable to handle than average clubs. So, you can definitely expect to hit the sweet spot, increase forgiveness and make higher and straighter shots with hybrid clubs.

If you seek for the same features in your next hybrid clubs, we recommend that you try the Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head. The recessed pocket fused along with the face extent the size of the sweet spot and makes the hitting face more responsive.

Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head

Try unique shots.

One aspect that makes hybrid so lovable, is that it can be used almost anywhere and allows golfers to try on their own unique shots. You can use it on the fairway, to hit the ball off a tee or the rough. Hybrids have typically opened doors to a whole new level of shot-making.

Now, you can go down the golf ground with your favorite hybrid golf sets and try on all the unique shots that are on your mind. However, you may also want to first practice your shots before you attempt to employ them on the real game, because practice makes perfect, right?

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