What are the Benefits of Arm Lock Putter
What are the Benefits of Arm Lock Putter?

Posted on July 29, 2022

Since the USGA announced anchoring putters like Long Putters (reaching to the chest) and Belly Putters as non-conforming, many golfers have found an alternative with an arm lock putter. Which has proven to be quite an effective club for many players, offering several advantages- eliminating any wrist hand-movement, giving more control over the putter's face, and promoting consistency and rhythm.

Benefits of Arm Lock Putter

The arm lock putter is a great alternative for golfers who are comfortable with a belly putter or long putter grip golf pride but can no longer use them in the professional game because of the USGA rules of Non-Conforming clubs.

Reduce the chance to become "Handsy"

An arm lock putter can be extremely useful and effective for players who are handsy. It helps improve your stroke by minimizing your hand's ability to move during the putting stroke. 

With the majority of the grip resting against the lead forearm, it helps quiet down hand and wrist movement during the stroke and prevents the club head from spinning too much during impact. 

Promote more of a rhythmic stroke

An arm-lock putter can very well be your strength and boost your game on the greens, particularly if you want to minimize tension between your arms and the club and achieve smooth strokes. 

Securing the arm lock putter against your forearm allows you to achieve a proper loft and alignment. With the right degree of forwarding press, you can keep your hands ahead of your putter head at the time of the stroke. This method allows the ball to smoothly roll off the clubface with the right level of topspin and better consistency

Quality Arm Lock Putter

With the growing popularity of the arm lock putting technique, and the need for specific putters to employ the stroke, Monark Golf focused on providing an excellent option for arm lock putters. 

We're excited to offer our Pinhawk On Lock putter and SMT Dead Eye Armbolt Putter, crafted to provide world-class performance to golfers looking to try the arm lock putting technique. 

Pinhawk On Lock putter

Specifically designed for the arm lock putting technique, Pinhawk On Lock putter can offer you the stable stroke you need for a smooth, consistent putting stroke. Plus, it can also help you prevent those dreaded 'yips' too.

SMT Dead Eye Armbolt Putter

The SMT Dead Eye Armbolt Putter brings you a new style and new concept of stabilizing the putter through a natural-feeling extension of the arm. A result, it promotes great stability and consistency throughout the stroke.

Monark Golf is proud to have set the standard when it comes to providing the world’s best clubs. If you are looking for the best Armlock putter for your next game check out our website.