What is a Golf Chipper Should I use one
What is a Golf Chipper? Should I use one?

Posted on January 24, 2022

If you are a gold player or follow the sport passionately, then you surely must have heard about players using Golf Chippers to improve their performance. But people often debate the “Are Golf Chippers legal?”

But before understanding that, let us first learn what chippers golf clubs are!

What is a Golf Chipper?

A chipper is a golf club that is fashioned and swung similarly to a putter. The grip is obviously distinguishable because a chipper is intended to be grasped like any other club. A closer examination reveals that a putter has a little loft (34 degrees), whereas a chipper has approximately 3237 degrees.

Unlike the putter, which can be grasped like an iron or a fairway wood, a legal chipper is gripped like that of an iron or a fairway wood. A chipper, unlike a putter, can have two functional sides, although it is not permitted in official events. It's like getting an extra club when you have a chipper with 2 sides.

The loft of a chipper distinguishes it from a putter, making it useful all-around the green and out further. You may simply bump and run with a chipper, avoiding chunked shots, shanks, and blading the ball to another tee mound.

Is it legal to use golf chippers?

As long as it's not two-sided and doesn't have a putter grip, a golf chipper can be used on any course or even in professional tournaments. This does make the whole thing easier for more individuals, similar to how excess wedges or fairway woods assist golfers facing various problems.

When should I use a Golf Chipper?

Whenever the ball is barely off the green, a chipper is employed. It can even be used from further out if the fairway conditions allow rolling the ball a real solution. Rather than using wedges, you can just use a chipper as a putter and perform a fantastic bump and run to push the ball into the green or towards the hole. Aim straight in the desired direction and send the ball with the chipper.

Should I use a golf chipper?

The question of "Are golf chippers legal?" has already been answered. There must be no reason why you can't use it now that it's available. However, there are a few things you should think about. Some players choose to use these iron or maybe even a gap wedge for the same reason rather than a chipper. Some golfers choose to carry extra fairway woods or wedges in their bags. Despite this, some players prefer using a golf chipper rather than another wedge. They do not even require any extra fairway woods or wedges because they don't have any distance management issues or the bunker.

Both viewpoints are valid. A few meters around the hole is where the most challenging phase of golf is played. As a result, carrying a specialized (yet legal) club to aid in stroke reduction is a fantastic tactic. Note that a stroke taken off your score is the same as gaining an advantage from a long drive. Our suggestion would be to evaluate yourself. If you believe that chippers golf clubs will help you enhance your game, go ahead and use them. No one can ban you from using golf chippers because they are authorized golf clubs.