What Is Shaft Torque?
What Is Shaft Torque?

Posted on April 25, 2022

Whether you are an aspiring golfer or are on your journey to become a seasoned player of the times, you need to be well-versed with an array of technical terms associated with the game. Let us take a detailed look at the meaning of golf shafts driver and the crucial aspects related to it.

The Meaning Of Shaft Torque

Simply put, shaft torque is the shaft's resistance to the twisting and the impact. Let's understand this with an example. Think of a driver swing and that you have hit a ball way off the tee. Now, with the higher shaft torque, you will feel that the club has twisted. In extreme cases, you will get a harsh vibration up to your arm with a lower shaft torque. 

That being said, when you hear of shaft torque, you probably think straight about dispersion. Many people also believe that a higher shaft torque twists more, thus creating a wider dispersion. 

Although it may be technically right, it is essential to note that this happens after the impact. The ball has already left the clubface long enough to get the ball to go flying.

How Is A Torque Measured?

It is measured in terms of the degree to which the shaft will twist when subject to force. Ordinarily, it can vary between five to seven degrees.

The Effect Of A Shaft Torque

Always think of torque in terms of feel. It means that the torque has a huge impact on the feel of the golf shaft. A stout shaft torque will feel wider on holding, and a higher golf shaft will feel smoother, lighter, and more active.

The Making Of A Shaft Torque

Different engineers would adopt different design strategies for a range of shafts. So, if they are manufacturing a shaft or specific player pool with a faster swing speed, they would like to learn more about the torque markers for a lower launching and lower spinning, stiffer product. 

However, manufacturing a more flexible, higher launching shaft would raise the torque because most golfers need that. 

Is Torque Related To Stiffness?

Torque and stiffness are not correlated. Ultimately, it's a variable for the engineers. It can be a four and a half degree torque shaft or a two and a half degree torque shaft. They can be just as stiff as one another. 

By adjusting and changing the torque, the engineers can change the performance of one shaft from another. 

Final Thoughts

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