Driver Swing and Iron Swing
What is the Difference between Driver Swing and Iron Swing?

Posted on May 26, 2020

The average weekend golfers generally tend to swing better with irons than drivers. That’s because it is easier to maintain balance with a shorter shaft of an iron, but when golfers try to hit their drivers with the same swing problem arises, leading to a bad strike. One way to improve your game is to understand the difference between a driver swing and an iron swing.

Driver Swing and Iron Swing

Iron Swing

When initiating a shot with an iron, your focus is on the lower part of the ball. The position of the ball will be more centered and in a narrower stance than a driver since you are trying to strike the ball at the lower part of the swing weight. A shorter shaft enables you to generate power for swing by utilizing your body weight, i.e. by moving your body weight from your back foot to the front and rotating your body towards the target. When done correctly, swinging your iron will result in generating a great shot.

Recommended Iron Heads for improving your Iron swing:

Tour Model X-Speed Iron Heads- The deep undercut cavity in indented to create faster ball speed, leading to higher ball flight, soft landings, and more improved accuracy. The Tour Model X-Speed Irons will give golfers better performance with improved workability and forgiveness for ultimate confidence.

Custom-Built Heater B-1 Iron Set- The head design of these irons is indented to provide golfers with increased forgiveness on a missed shot. The 360º deep undercut cavity enlarges the unsupported face area for increased ball speed across the face.

Driver Swing

When hitting a driver off the tee, the tee is elevated above the ground. Unlike iron swing, when hitting a shot with a driver, the focus is on the center of the ball. The goal is to swing up the ball and to get it up in the air. In order to achieve the driver swing right, the stance must be wider than what it would be with an iron. If the stance is narrow it will cause your shoulder to get too high and result in a weak strike. A wider stance will allow you to strike the ball with more power.

Recommended Driver Heads for improving your Driver swing:

Integra SoooLong Quadratic II Titanium Driver Head- The large strike area of the club provide golfers more confidence and maximum energy transfer at impact. The new integrated design allows the clubhead to remain resident to twisting, hence avoiding miss-hits.

Integra Hibrid Titanium Driver Head- This driver is constructed from titanium and graphite and the weight is also strategically repositioned towards the rear for optimized stability and increased forgiveness at the tee.

Optima 460 Titanium Driver Head- This driver comes with a unique inverted head design. The center of gravity is relocated lower and deeper. The result, it can provide golfer farther and straighter shots. To improve your swing, try hitting off of bucket of balls and switch off between your drivers and irons. Once you are confident adapting to different swings, you will be scoring better and having more fun in the game. For quality golf clubs from top brands visit