What specifications to look for in graphite hybrid shafts for hybrid club heads
What specifications to look for in graphite hybrid shafts for hybrid club heads?

Posted on December 9, 2022

Hybrid clubs are becoming common, with golfers opting for long-distance hits on the golf course. These clubs combine the best iron and wood to provide proper control and accuracy for good drives. Generally, the shaft connects the hybrid club and is crucial to making or breaking your overall shot output. But most golfers need to know the features required for a good shaft. 

So, let’s discuss the features required for a good shaft on a hybrid clubhead described in detail below

  • Torque measurements

It’s suggested to look for shafts in hybrid clubs with low torque measurements that provide better resistance for twisting. These hybrid shafts are more flexible than standard iron heads. They measure the frequency to set the spin in motion and hit the ball too long distances.

  • Flexibility

There are no standard industry measurements for a good shaft. Generally, golfers can choose stiff pieces with a hybrid clubhead to improve the average shot frequency. All the hybrid-specifics are designed with graphite, which makes them flexible for many golfers.

  • Material

The material type is essential for producing a good hybrid clubhead shaft. Steel has low torque measurements, a crucial aspect for hybrid club heads. It creates a higher inertia moment to improve flexibility and produce good hits.

The materials used can alter the distance and accuracy of a successful hit. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel and produce better shaft swings. Generally, golfers with club heads and ball speeds require suitable materials for graphite hybrid shafts to enhance their performance.

  • Low frequency and torque

There is a wide range of shafts with low frequency and torque measurements. These shafts align perfectly with the hybrid club heads owing to the soft trimming options. While low frequency maintains the stiffness, torque measurements determine the sub-flex options to produce longer shots.

  • Flex

The flex depends on the swing speed of the ball and, generally, doesn’t require the golfers’ assistance or speed control. However, golfers often may have slower swing speeds for the launching ability. 

The flex helps the ball to reach higher in the air. However, the distance decreases with a decrease in the ball and club speed. Additionally, golfers with slow swinging need the regular shaft to maintain consistency.

  • Shot shape

Some golfers apply pressure to their shots to prevent the face square effect on the golf course. The shafts become stiff and unsuitable for the game, but you can customize them to see results on every flex delivery. Therefore, the heavier hybrid launches at low spins.

Here are some popular hybrid shafts-

  • Aldila NV 85 Green NXT Hybrid Graphite Shafts

It is one of the most popular hybrid shafts, featuring a constant taper design and stable shot. The product incorporates NexGen Micro laminate technology to eliminate unwanted gaps during production. MLT enhances the feeling while delivering the shots and eliminates inconsistency. This hybrid shaft is a lighter option with flex for golfers worldwide. 

  • Aldila NVS 85 Orange NXT Hybrid Shaft

It is a popular shaft for the NV Green features and repeated stable shots. The NexGen laminating technology uses twenty layers of ultrathin prepreg to eliminate unwanted gaps. The shaft is appealing to the global audience for the lightweight option and fit for golfers. The tapered design enhances the precise feel and consistency while playing with aerospace carbon fibers.

  • UST-Mamiya ProForce V2 Hybrid Shaft

It is one of the tops franchise for golfers with an increasing ball speed and medium launching condition. It uses superior materials to produce consistent golf shafts, and aerospace-quality materials ensure constant taper and flex. 

  • Aldila Ascent UL Hybrid Graphite Shafts

This ultralight hybrid shaft uses FlyDrive technology to integrate high performance. It has the authentic look and performance to deliver high launching angle. The new application of this technology provides high performance in a unique and full-length viscoelastic isolation layer. It improves the overall strength and resistance in thinner-walled designs. The active profile of the shaft gives a high kick to higher balls and maintains the accuracy to penetrate through ball flight. It is suitable for golfers looking to raise the ball flight and high-launch profile. 

Bottom line

It’s essential to look for suitable graphite hybrid shafts with low torque measurements and flexibility while choosing hybrid club heads. There are specific shafts for the hybrid club where golfers can use iron shafts.
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