What to Look for While Choosing a Putter?
What to Look for While Choosing a Putter?

Posted on June 28, 2021

Choosing the right putter is a crucial aspect of golf. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all putter, so find one that works best for you. The length of the putter is critical, and you must consider your particular type of swing. The putter is not swung in the same way by everyone. A person's weight is also a consideration. The weight has an impact on the style of swing you have. Appropriate Putter grip for your stroke is also important.

Let's take a closer look at how to choose putters that are right for you

  • Type of shaft

Remember that the type of shaft that is best for you depends on your putter style. A heel-shafted putter will perform best for golfers who rotate the blade open and then shut throughout the stroke. A putter with a center shaft is suitable for players who have a flat stroke.

  • Alignment of the putter

One of the most common issues among golfers is putter alignment. This is an important consideration because a wrong and uncomfortable alignment can result in missing targets to the left or right, costing you strokes. When looking down at the address, it is strongly recommended that you select a putter that inspires you to be more confident and also provides a good grip. Choose a putter model with which you are comfortable aligning your target.

  • Putter’s length 

Another item to think about when selecting a putter is the length of the putter. You can choose from three different putter lengths: long, belly, and classic. When you putt, you want to be as relaxed as possible. Many players appear to favor a putter that is slightly shorter in length, and the most popular length is 34 inches.

If you want to look at a belly style or broom-handled putter, you should be cautious in your selection and seek professional guidance before purchasing this type of putter.

  • Type of head shape and weight

There are two types of putters, one with a face balance and the other with a toe balance. If you hold a face balanced putter between your fingers, it will sit parallel to the ground (face up), and it will fit a player with a fairly straight back and through a stroke. If you hold the toe of the putter in your fingers, the toe will sink. This type of putter is typically preferred by players who have a more rounded stroke. The head shape is a personal choice, but it can also be influenced by the type of grass you play on and your skill level.

Weight might vary depending on personal tastes, but it can also be tailored to the greens you regularly play on. Simply put, if you put on slower greens, a little heavier head should be considered. You should select a lighter putter if you put on faster greens and want to maintain some feel when putting.
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