What's Clone Golf Clubs And Why Do They Cost So Much Less
What’s clone golf clubs and Why do they cost so much less?

Posted on November 23, 2021

Golf may seem pretty expensive to get involved in. From golf clubs and golf balls to dresses, there are pretty costly equipment golfers have to purchase to ensure that they play to their full potential, score great points, and maximize their enjoyment of the game. If you are looking for a way to play on a budget, a good way to start is to look at clone golf clubs.

Clone golf clubs aren’t the same as top brands golf clubs, yet they are made from very similar quality materials and are designed with pretty much the same care and technology. They are high-performing clubs that you can get without the high-end price tag.

How are clone golf clubs made?

Manufacturers use clone golf club components that resemble some of the highest quality clubs as closely as possible. 

Some clone golf clubs manufacturing companies use openly available component golf club heads, grips, and shafts to build golf club clones that resemble name-brand golf clubs. Other companies will have the club heads custom-built for them and then use openly available grips and shafts. They are then assembled and custom-made according to individual customers’ specifications. 

Many clone golf clubs have the same materials and design features as big brand name golf clubs such as Ping, Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade. Clone golf clubs and clone golf club components are legal as long as the company making them does not try to fool buyers into thinking they are getting clubs made by the original brand. 

Why Do Clone Golf Clubs Cost So Much Less Than Name Brand Golf Clubs?

Although clone golf clubs are said to perform at a similar level as high-value name-brand golf clubs, they tend to cost a little less. There are two good reasons for this.


Companies that build golf club clones usually don’t have a considerable budget for marketing with high-profile endorsements. So, they keep the marketing costs down and save it for other investments such as getting more cubs components. On the other hand, big brands spend a lot in marketing their products- be it in sponsorship or advertising, and that is their way of selling their products more.

Design and technology

Big brands are renowned for producing high-quality golf clubs, made with top-quality materials. These brands continuously strive to produce innovative design techniques and invest in the latest technology to improve club performance. To achieve continuous improvement and high standards, they spend a huge amount of money on research and development costs. Some clone golf clubs manufacturers alter the design features of exciting clubs for improved performance. This cost much less than trying to create a whole new design feature. And, so manufacturers can sell their products at a lower price. 

Find High-Quality Clone Golf Clubs

So, now if you are looking for clubs that are valued for money, with little or no compromise on standards, then we suggest giving clone clubs a shot. And it's just as likely that they will help you improve your game too. You can expect pretty much the same game performance as name-brand clubs all within a lower price range.
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