Why Choose Assembled Golf Shaft
Why Choose Assembled Golf Shaft + Tip + Grip? Benefits Of Custom Golf Shafts

Posted on September 16, 2022

The golf shaft has a direct and measurable influence on how the golf club moves through the swing and the amount of force and speed that is transmitted from the hands to the clubface. Therefore, playing with the right club shaft is crucial for players to reach optimal performance. 

Because every golfer is unique, finding the right golf shaft means finding the shaft that matches an individual golfer’s body size, shape, and golf swing. With a large number of golf shafts available on the market, finding one with the right flex and getting it fitted to your clubs in the right length can be difficult. Custom golf shaft by Monark Golf is one option you can consider when looking for the right shaft for your game. 

The Project X custom shaft option allows you to get a set of three items- shaft, grip, and adapter- all customized according to your specification. A shaft that has been fitted for you will enable you to play without being at an immediate disadvantage. 

How Can Custom Shafts Affect Performance?

The golf shafts displayed at golf stores are designed and built to standardized specifications. There are various reasons that a shaft might not match your specific needs, especially if you buy it “off the shelf.”

The weight of the shaft is an important consideration when choosing the right shaft. Bend profile, flex, kick point, and torque are all important, but when you choose the wrong shaft weight. All of these become irrelevant as the shaft weight will dictate and override the performance. The weight of your shaft can greatly hinder your performance, without you realizing it.

The shaft length is also another important factor to consider. It’s important to ensure the length and tempo of your swing match your flex. A shaft that is too stiff can make you produce too much spin on the ball and cause you to lose consistency and distance.

Custom shaft fitting offers you the chance to personalize your specifications. So your golf shaft works in unison with key factors like your height and swing technique.

With the right custom shaft, consistently hitting the ball with the center of the club face can get a lot easier.

Hassle-Free Installation At Home

When purchasing a custom shaft through an authorized golf club provider like Monark Golf. You will get an adapter and a grip with your golf shaft. 

The Project X graphite wood shaft comes with an adapter and a grip installed. The shaft will be cut and fitted as per your specifications. The adapter also makes installation extremely easy. There is no need for making additional accommodations or adjustments. You will be able to install the custom shaft into your clubs entirely by yourself by following simple instructions.

Where Can I Find Quality Custom Shafts?

At Monark Golf, we offer high-quality, in-demand assembled custom shafts (shaft + grip + adapter), to cater to the needs of a variety of golfers. If you are looking to get a custom shaft. That is fitted and tested by experts to match your level of the game, check out the best options available at https://www.monarkgolf.com/ and get a golf shaft customized specifically for you.