Why you Need Tour Edge Golf Drivers and Putters

Posted on October 18, 2013

When pursuing excellence in golf, half your battle is won if you choose the right set of clubs. There are many choices available to a player, and it can get confusing if you don’t have a seasoned professional or coach to turn to for advice. The most important clubs that you need to invest in are a good driver and putter, and this article tries to address the points needed to make that decision. What do you look for in a putter? The length of the putter is very important and depends on your stance. When you grip the putter, check if your forearms and the shaft are in line with each other. Most brands will offer you a choice of length such as 33, 34 or 35 inches. Other important aspects to look for are the centered alignment aid, the dexterity based on whether you are right or left-handed and the grip that is very important for your comfort. A Tour Edge golf putter does not just satisfy the above criteria, some models go even further. The GT+ range for example, provides a high level of contrast that makes it easier to use the centered alignment aid as well as a jumbo grip to ease the strain on the wrist of a regular golf player. Another revolutionary example is the T-Balance series of putters that is engineered to resist twisting and increase accuracy. What are the decision points for selecting a driver? A driver is one of the most important clubs you might need to select, as this is the one that ensures you get a good start off on the course. A lighter driver helps you get a longer first drive, and one with a bigger head ensures a bigger sweet shot that means that it is easier to connect with the ball. The remaining factors that may determine the length and accuracy of your shot are the flex provided by the shaft and the degree of the loft. Tour Edge golf drivers provide a choice of flex depending on the age and gender of the golfer, and not just the stiffness that could be a relative criterion specific to the player. For all types of clubs, a graphite shaft may also be a choice of many players, as they are believed to make the club lighter and this may suit some types of play.

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